EmancipAsia Slogan Notebooks


EmancipAsia notebooks come emblazoned with three different slogan designs, all donated by Alastair Taylor of goatpix.com in support of EmancipAsia’s cause.

The pages of the notebook are dotted on one side, and blank on the other side, and comes with an inspirational quote written at the bottom of each blank page to motivate you through the work day.

The notebooks are approximately A5 size, and ring-bound with 100 sheets inside.

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 EmancipAsia Logo

Everybody is born free, to live free

EmancipAsia aims to combat human trafficking by raising awareness, advocating change and empowering communities, businesses and individuals to take action to end this horrific crime against humanity.

EmancipAsia's region of focus is the Asia-Pacific, with base operations in Singapore. Human trafficking has been described as “a threat to Singapore's security as well as its economic and social fabric”, and EmancipAsia's mission is in line with the Singapore government's national plan to fight human trafficking both in Singapore and the region.

Raising awareness is a preventive measure in fighting human trafficking, and EmancipAsia organises free monthly film screenings featuring movies and documentaries that provide thoughtful perspectives on human trafficking.


What’s your slavery footprint, Freedom is a right, You hold the key