Charis Necklace


Reminiscent of a string of golden coins, this product is made of the finest lead-free German brass and is tarnish proof due to our NANO bonded protective coating.

Length: 45cm

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ANCHORA is driven by our hope to foster a positive social impact through business, while satisfying our personal desire for beauty and wonder. We believe that everyone has the ability to reach out and bring hope to others. We are an all-inclusive enterprise – a collective of entrepreneurs, designers, artisans and customers that come together to create a beautiful story.

Connecting our values and beliefs with the way our money is spent has the power to bring about significant change. We aim to create accessible opportunities to raise consciousness for fair trade and inspire people to think about their purchases differently.

This is just the first step. We aim to reinvest a portion of our proceeds towards future social projects. ANCHORA is also a proud member of the Social Enterprise Association of Singapore.


About ANCHORA’s John P.Anderson collection:

It was Bali’s artistic spirit that brought Montana native John Anderson to Bali more than 25 years ago and charmed him into staying. John firmly believes that equanimity in all that we do is just as responsible for our success as is the quality of our work. To this end, his artisanal jewelry workshop has practiced Fair Trade principles long before they became fashionable and has been an official member of the Fair Trade Federation for over 13 years.