Be Movement Issue 4 – India



Beyond The Colours

India is many things to many people.

The country’s history is incandescent with visionaries who have embraced problems as wonderlands for social change and in doing so shifted the social axis of the world. We uncover the exciting social innovations that have emerged to tackle the immense social issues in such a vast country.

India is life on a high definition and surround sound system. In this issue, amidst the country’s mind-boggling diversity, we attempt to make sense of it all.

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Be Movement is a social enterprise that serves as an outreach platform to connect and inspire the corporate, social, government and public sectors ( We produce Asia's pioneer socially conscious publication with a global perspective, telling compelling stories of diverse enterprises, organisations and people that have the courage to walk their beliefs. In this publication and through our social fairs and events, we advocate for social issues and celebrate the courage to be.